Mandatory Reporting
Mandatory Reporting under Israeli Penal Law

What acts must be reported?

Act – Harming a minor: Trauma, abuse, physical, mental or sexual assault.

Failure – avoiding to fulfill the parental obligations of care and concern for the minor’s health and well-being, and preventing abuse or bodily harm to the minor.

In what cases is there an obligation to report?

A. Any person who has reasonable grounds to suspect that an offense against a minor has been committed by his responsible adult.

B. Physician, nurse, educator, social worker, policeman, psychologist, criminologist, para-medical practitioner, as well as a manager or staff member of a home or institution which the minor attends, who, due to their profession or position, has reasonable grounds to suspect that an offense has been committed against a minor by his responsible adult.

C. An adult responsible for the minor, who has reason to suspect that another responsible adult has committed an offense against the minor (even a parent who suspects that the other parent is harming the child, must report).

D. An offense has been committed against a minor attending an institution or in an educational or other therapeutic framework, sexual assault or an offense causing serious injury.
(Article D also refers to offenses committed by children in an educational framework, while the rest of the sections refer only to offenses committed by the responsible adult).

Who is considered a responsible adult?

1. A Parent.

2. A family member of the minor who is over eighteen and is one of the following: the spouse of the parent, grandfather or grandmother, brother or sister, brother-in-law or sister-in-law, uncle or aunt.

3. A person responsible for the minor at a given time: School teacher, kindergarten teacher, youth movement counselor, babysitter, school bus driver, school security guard, etc.

When the meeting was not carried out by the responsible adult, there is no obligation to report, unless it was done within the educational framework and constitutes a sexual offense or caused serious bodily harm.

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