Procedure For Handling Complaints
Procedure for Handling Complaints

1. Complaints can be submitted to any member of the forum.
2. The complaint is brought to the forum's professional committee.
3. At its regular meetings, the professional committee will examine the complaint and decide whether it should be dealt with within the framework of the forum.
4. After deciding to deal with the complaint with within the framework of the forum, the committee appoints a task-force to investigate the complaint.
5. The task-force usually includes four members: A Rabbi, an educator, a therapist and legal counsel. The task-force will be comprised of 2 men and 2 women.
6. The task-force invites the complainant and hears their testimony.
7. The task-force investigates the complaint to find additional evidence when possible.
8. The task-force invites the defendant, describes the complaint and asks for his/her response.
9. The task-force holds a discussion on the facts brought before it by both the complainant and the defendant.
10. The task-force decides on guidelines according to which the defendant must act in order to prevent further violations by him/her.
11. The task-force follows the implementation of the instructions by the defendant.
Please note:
1. The Forum deals only with violations committed by persons of managerial, spiritual or educational authority.
2. An email address must be attached to any complaint submitted to the forum. Anonymous complaints will not be processed.
3. The forum's discussions and the actions of the task-force are kept confidential.

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