Leaders in every field are trusted, valued and often admired. They command great respect and authority even when not in a formal position and many people look to them for advice, help and support.
Taking advantage of the trust and respect given, for sexual abuse, results in severe effects on the victims, especially when the abuser has a spiritual, managerial or educational influence on the abused.
Forum Takana was established in 2003 by Torah scholars, educators, law professionals, and therapists with the goal of preventing sexual abuse by those with authority and standing in the religious society. The purpose of the Forum is to create another way of treating complaints of sexual harassment that do not reach law enforcement and legal authorities. The Forum also works to raise awareness of sexual abuse among educators and public figures with authority and standing. All this in order to eradicate the evil from our midst and save the oppressed from the oppressor.
Forum Takana works in coordination with the legal authorities in Israel.
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Forum Members

Rabbi Avraham Gisser
Rabbi of Ofra. Chairman of the National Religious Educational Council (Mamad). Chairman of the Mishpatey Eretz Institute - a higher educational institute for Halacha and law. "We come to fill in the gaps. Israeli society has been accustomed to the fact that morality and justice are measured only
Rabbi Elyakim Levanon
Rabbi of the Shomron region. Rabbi of Elon Moreh and head of the Yeshiva in Elon Moreh. Rabbi of the "Binyan Shalem" organization. "Forum Takana completes a social order which relates to delinquency in a sensitive area and which cannot always be dealt with in the judicial system. "

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